A colour for everyone

Safari green, terracotta, petal pink… nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Of course, black is timeless but there is always a time when you want to try other colors! So how to choose?

le bien-être par la couleur

Carole, @faiteslepleindesens

We interviewed Carole Charuel, the creative master of @faiteslepleindesens, to understand the benefits of “colorvibration®” the method that Carole shares to add meaning to our lives.

Cannelle: Hello Carole, you explain that color has an incredible power over our senses. Could you tell us more about colorvibration®?

Carole: Hello Cannelle, yes indeed the color is vibration, energy; from white to black through all the colors of the spectrum and those of the invisible, from infrared to ultraviolet, the wavelengths diffract or refract, demonstrating to us the colours of the whole of nature…

Colors are languages and send waves to our cells, our senses and our psyche.

Colors today have an undervalued impact for many, yet they have a strong symbolic and expressive power in our daily lives.

They influence and represent our soul states undeniably.

« Tell me which colors you wear or which you surround yourself with ? I’ll tell you who you are. Or rather, where you are in your life today.»

This is how I could summarize my holistic approach to colors; their language, influence and power in our lives. From this first assessment, we can begin a journey of exploration and accompaniment that will lead the person to realize his or her deep desires. My desire in creating the “Colorvibration®” has been to offer personalized support to individuals and professionals alike, in order to bring meaning and awaken awareness and sensations with this powerful and vibrant color tool.

Cannelle: In everyday life and in general, colour is at the heart of our lives.  What advice can you give us to take full advantage of its impact?

Carole: In order to take full advantage of its impact and according to the singular objective of each one; which can be for example to offer more comfort, in which case, I invite you to stay on soft colors (like sand or rose petal) or colors with which you feel fully you and in known terrain.

On the contrary, if the objective is to evolve or solve, liberate, solve a problem or add more colors in your life, I would then invite you to experiment first of all the red, the root color of our in-carn-ation and realization on earth. Anchor color perfectly offering energy and action among others.

I would add that it would be highly recommended to wear the colors that you do not like to wear or visualize! This may at first glance seem like nonsense, however on the contrary, if they have never been personally experienced, they have a real message, and rich and valuable teachings to pass on to you…

Cannelle: At Kitiwaké we love indigo blue. In one of your posts, you say that this color has a special power. Can you tell us more?

Carole: Yes, indeed indigo is a beautiful powerful and bright color! It has a special and plural power, just like other colors. Indigo, offers a link to our extra-sensory perceptions. It is the symbol of our third eye, and therefore corresponds to our sense of sight. It connects us to our pineal gland directly, it can play a regulating role on our hormonal functions and our nervous system. It offers us a tenfold finesse of perception and a deep connection to our intuition. It increases our visionary and creative side and our ability to project ourselves. It is one of the key colours of the coming years according to my personal astro-energetic analysis, in order to create a true awakening of consciences in the world. Let’s carry, surround and offer indigo!

le bien-être par la couleur

Teddy ysha indigo blue in organic coton 

Cannelle: Our new collection is coming soon with new colours: saffron yellow, tangerine orange, raspberry red, olive green, petal pink… How do each of these colours affect our senses?

Carole: It’s a nice panel of colors to come! And it’s a pretty big question that I’ll try to answer. Yes because the colors, according to the evolution of each person can resonate and vibrate differently.

However, globally: saffron yellow will bring confidence in oneself and in the future as well as a connection to the living; tangerine orange will offer a special connection to our body, our desires, our joy and thus connects us to our sensations; raspberry red will bring stability, a life force; olive green, which is one of the most nuanced colors to explore, will lead you to carry out an activity rather out of interest than for your pleasure. It will focus on your need to be loved, surrounded above all. Petal rose, on the other hand, will always offer you a lot of sweetness and a desire for delicacy like a gentle caress or a huge hug.

My main advice would be not to abuse any color in the long term, and to change often by really listening to your needs and desires day to day!

To bring colour into one’s life is also to offer colour to those around us and unconsciously allow them, in non-verbal language, to know us better.

So let’s colour our lives, our world and remain curious to explore what each colour and shade can offer us to better discover and express ourselves in everyday life.

Cannelle: Thank you very much Carole for this very rich exchange! Here we are more than ever fans of the «colorvibration®»!

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