Logo de Kitiwaké

Our history

 Kitiwaké is the story of two friends with complementary talents: Cannelle, a fashion designer, and Juliette, a marketing executive, both passionate about yoga and low-impact sports.
It’s a very young story that we’ve just started to write down. In 2018, we set ourselves the challenge of creating the clothing brand that look like us.
Clothing designed for soft pratices, feminine, trendy, technical and sustainable.
The choices of the range, the sourcing of new eco-responsible materials, the manufacturing choices, (…) are made together. And each garment is designed by Cannelle in a resolutely feminine spirit.

To guarantee a high level of quality, we have chosen to concentrate our resources on a short range that we enrich regularly without running after the alienating calendar of collections.
What motivates us: the design of a silhouette better adapted to the practice, the new eco-responsible technical materials offered by our suppliers, the expectations expressed by our community with whom we write each day a new page in our young history.

Inspiration nature eco-friendly

Northern inspiration

It is because we’ve had the rare chance to discover our other nature in Lapland and Spitsbergen, that we called ourselves Kitiwaké.
When we glide in a kayak on the sea, surrounded by powerful, unspoiled and overwhelming nature, we feel agile, light and very fragile. As we look up at the sky, our eyes sometimes meet this little seagull gliding through the air, which is also agile, light and very fragile…
The comparison stops there, because the Kittiwake, a small seagull from the Far North, beats us by its resistance to extreme conditions.
As a tribute, we have decided to bear its name. We were inspired by it and its world to think about our brand and our logo. It symbolizes simplicity, freedom, resistance and durability. All of which are essential to us.
It’s a little bit of this history and these values that we put in our clothes.
We hope that Kitiwaké’s balance, grace and precision will inspire your every movement.

Our  commitment

We believe that doing good shouldn’t hurt.
We only use certified, eco-responsible materials, of natural origin or recycled fibres. No toxic products aure used in their manufacture. The weaving and dyeing processes consume little water. Our garments are made by local worshops in Portugal, certified on environmental and social criteria.

Brassière yoga et pilates durable eco-friendly

Recycled material 

Econyl ® is a recycled nylon fibre that retains all the original qualities of nylon in terms of performance, elasticity and strength.
It is made from plastic waste, often recovered from the oceans, such as old fishing nets or bottles. They are sorted and washed, crushed, melted and then transformed into fibre and woven. The manufacture of this fibre reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 80% compared to the production of a standard nylon yarn. It does not use non-renewable fossil fuels and is 100% recyclable for life. Its main advantages are: two-way stretchability for a perfect fit, good thermal protection, odour control, good opacity and UV protection. This material has a matt finish and soft touch, and is suitable for regular use. We have selected it for Eka & Nuna bras and leggings in our Studio line.

Legging de yoga et pilates eco-friendly pour femme

Bio-sourced material 

BR-4 ®* is an innovative and eco-responsible technical polyamide fibre, made from a 100% organic and certified material.
It is based on the seeds of the castor plant, an entirely renewable natural resource, which requires little water and grows in areas non suitable for human or animal food crops. Its manufacture limits CO2 emissions by 25% compared to the production of a standard polyamide (Life Cycle Assesment Study). The production process developed by Brugnoli, the Italian company that created BR-4 ®, allows a 20% reduction in water and energy consumption compared to traditional manufacturing techniques. It also allows the creation of custom-made colours. This material has a very light velvet touch, does not retain moisture, controls odours and protects against temperature variations. This makes it particularly suitable for intense practice. We have selected it our for Imala bras and leggings in our Lab line.

Legging yoga pour femme eco-responsable

Natural / Recycled material 
Modal / Q-Nova

Made from two bio-sourced fibres, Modal and Q-Nova, this innovative fabric combines the best of both materials. Modal is a soft and resistant fibre produced from wood pulp, usually beech, and solvents.
Through a viscose process, the wood cellulose reacts chemically in the presentce of solvent, up to 95% of which is recovered and recycled. As a technical material from natural origin, Modal is eco-responsible. Q-Nova is a polyamide fibre made from 99% recycled materials, of which at least 50% are internal spinning mill residues. Its manufacturing process is mechanical, consumes little water and energy and does not use chemicals. Very resistant, this fibre is eco-responsible. During the weaving process, these two fibres are combined, offering a soft and comfortable inner face, and an insulating, friction-resistant and anti-pilling outer face. Its manufacturing process allows us to develop with the manufacturer our own tailor-made colours. This innovative and particularly breathable fabric is perfectly suited for intensive use. We have selected it for Leika bras and leggings in our Lab line.