Meet Eva André, young French freediver at the international level

J’avoue que j’ai beaucoup de vêtements de yoga.  Mais depuis 2 ans, j’en achète de moins en moins et je préfère contribuer à des marques de vêtements dont j’adhère à la philosophie, dont je me sens proche et dont je sais qu’ils prêtent une attention particulière à l’éco-responsabilité.

Yoga takes on the air of the peaks in Grand-Bornand

While the Grand-Bornand is well known both in summer and winter for its sports activities, skiing, hiking and cycling, it is also an ideal place to practice peacefully other forms of commitment such as yoga, climbing, or Pilates. So what could be more natural than to present our new collection in this dream-like setting.

A colour for everyone

« Tell me which colors you wear or which you surround yourself with ? I’ll tell you who you are. Or rather, where you are in your life today.»

Yoga in the digital age

I think it is important to induce regularity in one’s practice. This does not mean opting for a fixed practice! Everything moves around us, the seasons change, our body changes too, life is in motion, so we should not resent the fact that our practice evolves according to our needs, our desires but also our possibilities at the time.

Exclusive interview of Pauline Ferrand-Prevot

A friend of mine practised and taught yoga and meditation, so that was the real starting point. I had already tried it two years earlier, but it didn’t take off, so you just have to wait for the right moment.