– Our Commitments –

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Our fabrics and finishes were chosen for their natural origins and extreme softness. All our pieces are made in a workshop which is a true knitwear specialist! We are committed to work with these workshops (in Paris, Roanne and Porto) for their skills and in this way ensuring you high quality products. We have also selected them for their human values, namely the respect of social standards, and finally for their proximity: this allows us to optimize the use of transport in a concern for respect of the environment.


Nature is our first inspiration, you can find it in our materials and colors. In return for this softness and well-being that it offers, we take care to preserve its resources at every stage. We took good care to choose beautiful stretchy materials, the softest for the skin to ensure maximum comfort. We only use natural materials such as organic cotton and micro-modal. The micro-modal is an eco-friendly fabric made from beech wood whose forests are sustainably harvested. The manufacturing process called “Edelweiss” is neutral of CO2.

All our fabrics are manufactured in Europe (France, Italy and Portugal) and our products are stored in Paris. By minimizing the transport of goods, we reduce the impact of the manufacture of our products on the environment.


Let's take care of this beautiful nature !


The concept of Kitiwaké is to propose resolutely feminine sports outfits.

All our creations combine adapted cuts to the practice of yoga, pilates, fitness, running, dance… but also delicate finishes, for a soft and elegant support. We draw our inspiration from the universe of lingerie.

Practical, aesthetic and comfortable, our collection becomes your ally for your moments of relaxation and sport. An outfit for soft sports that fits wonderfully in everyday life.

To try it is to adopt it.

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At Kitiwaké we have always been committed to working in an ethical, eco-responsible and sustainable way. This applies in particular to the choice of our materials and our manufacturing workshops. Solidarity is also part of our values, which is why we have chosen to collaborate with several associations to which we donate a part of the sales of certain products. By buying these products, you help us to participate to the development of a social and solidary commerce, it gives a different meaning to shopping!

We are very keen to develop new products in which you feel pretty and particularly comfortable, but it would not make sense if we decided to stop there! We made a commitment to different associations:

  • GENETICANCER which fights against genetic and / or hereditary cancers.
  • HINDBAG works in partnership with an Indian NGO SSMI for the reintegration of women and the schooling of children.
  •  PLASTIC ODYSSEY, with an environmental commitment: “clean up to move forward”. Their goal is to turn recycled plastic from the oceans into fuel for the boat.
  • KARUNA-SHECHEN, an association founded by Matthieu Ricard, which supports disadvantaged communities in India to become self-reliant and reach their full potential.

We live in a world that changes very fast; the textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. We will not be able to change everything but on our scale, we want to participate so that today and tomorrow is a better world.

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We support the Karuna-Shechen association as part of the Yoga for Karuna solidarity movement. The Karuna-Shechen Association, founded by Matthieu Ricard, supports 380,000 people each year in India, Nepal and Tibet, to build a better future – through projects in health, education, and training sectors, empowerment of women, community development and urgency. For each Kaya tank purchased, we donate € 5 to support the projects in India, birthplace of yoga. This eucalyptus fiber tank is eco-friendly and gives you a great feeling of softness.



To offer an activewear outfit that makes sense, we have set up a partnership with the environmental project PLASTIC ODYSSEY: the world tour of the first ship that navigates using plastic waste.

Part of the sales of activewear products, the Albatros bra and the Sea Turtle leggings in recycled nylon yarn, will be donated to the project.


dépolluer pour mieux avancer


As part of October Rose, a breast cancer awareness campaign, we launched in October a campaign of support to the GENETICANCER association that fights against genetic and / or hereditary cancers. For each legging HETA in pink color, €3 is donated to the Geneticancer association. We decided to keep this product beyond October for 1 year until September 2020.


Yoga solidarity bag.

Our WAPI yoga bag is manufactured by an Indian NGO (SSMI) that works for the empowerment of women and children’s education in collaboration with the HINDBAG brand. 40% of the purchase price of the bag goes to this NGO. Women from disadvantaged neighborhoods design products in exchange for a salary, training and school for their kids.