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From yoga to paragliding

A beneficial complementarity

Feminine, durable, to practice, it's all Kitiwaké

Kitiwaké is a community of practitioners with complementary backgrounds gathered around Cannelle, stylist and entrepreneur. We are all passionate about sports, yoga, pilates and gentle practices. We created for ourselves, in 2018, the challenge of creating a clothing brand, designed by women for women. Durable and technical clothes, thought to practice nicely and without constraint.

In order to guarantee a high level of quality, we are always on the lookout for innovative bio-sourced materials and worked exclusively with workshops certified for their social and environmental commitment, and experts in sportswear manufacturing.

 We have chosen a short range that we regularly enrich without running after the perpetual calendar of collections. What motivates us: a line that enhances the body of women, a design that perfectly accompanies the movement, technical materials eco-responsible and innovative and always the opinions of our Team Lab that helps us every day to propose clothes that 'on a pleasure to wear. 


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A LITTLE MORE READING... OR NOT (frankly, you don't have to!)

Kitiwaké is a brand of yoga and Pilates clothing created by women who are passionate about gentle practices. Women's yoga clothes, with nice details that change the ordinary and make a little more beautiful. These are yoga leggings (some say women's yoga pants), yoga bras (some say sports bras), all beautifully designed and perfectly suited to the practice. The practice of yoga, but also that of Pilates and all soft practices. If the practices are different, nothing differentiates a yoga outfit from a pilates outfit. But if you want to go running with our leggings, walking with our bras, recovering from your efforts in our sweatshirts, we will of course find nothing wrong with it. On the contrary. Because in the end, if we practice, it's to feel good in our bodies and in our minds, wherever we are. And to really feel good, we might as well say that we are not doing any harm ... Kitiwaké is eco-responsible clothing, made from bio-sourced fabrics or recycled fabrics or organic cotton fabrics, in certified workshops in Portugal.

Well, we admit it, we are not particularly proud of this text. But we were told that, to get noticed, there was nothing like piling up the keywords. So there you go, it's done. In any case, we thank you for having read us until the end, if you had the courage to come here!

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